My company came to Belle Yuan of StrategyWise HR with a massive undertaking: Align the US and Canadian Employee Handbooks and ensure compliance with all Canadian employment mandates and regulations. Our Canadian office just recently became an office of 50 employees, so the learning curve was quite steep. Belle led us through this process with patience, expertise and generosity. Her wealth of knowledge and practical suggestions astonished us.

Belle was so organized and her follow-up was immediate. Her clarity and support anchored us in this project. She was simply awesome!

At the end of this project, we are left in grateful awe for her and the comprehensive Employee Handbook she created for the Canadian office
Jill Handy, Associate Director of Human Resources

I was a part of the management team involved in collective bargaining...I worked alongside Belle Yuan throughout this period and found the experience positive and rewarding.
It was a pleasure for me to work with Belle who is very good at breaking things down and was always clear and precise in her communication with us during the entire time. Belle was effective in providing pointers about our current practices and what changes should be made to pre-empt grievances and pave the way for clear and precise communication between labour and management.

Belle was instrumental in analyzing and helping us strategize throughout this period of protracted negotiations. I appreciate Belle's accurate recap of items discussed before and after each bargaining meeting, as well as her ability to lead and guide the preparations and discussions with the management team.

Belle assisted us in harnessing the negotiations and ultimately, we were able to clean up the ambiguities in the collective agreement and achieved our major objectives.
MeiTin Lee, Program Director

Belle’s professionalism is superb! She was constantly on the ball, during the process, she never take her eyes off it. I am truly amazed of her knowledge and commitment. In such a short time, in a few months we were able to accomplish a lot of policies and procedures.

Job well done Belle!
Grace Miles, Associate Director of Finance & Administration

Belle was assigned to a Process Transformation taskforce I was put in charge at Bell. She had the responsibility to help us assess industrial relations challenges that may arise as a result of process modifications.

Belle was extremely helpful to the team. Not only did she work as a partner from the beginning, she was also able to understand quickly the labour implications of our decisions.

She was trusted by all the members of the team and was constantly solicited for advise. She is very professional and dedicated to her work. I really enjoyed having Belle on the team and consider her an asset to any organization.

Juan Manuel Ramos Gurrion, Senior Director – IP Technologies

I have worked with Belle and Strategywise HR on several matters, including workplace investigations. I have found Belle to be a logical and proactive thinker whose work has been valuable to myself and my clients.

Specifically, Belle’s investigation reports show quality and analysis that is exemplary. Her years of experience in the HR and investigations fields show strongly in her work and she is a pleasure to deal with for any HR solutions.

Matt Vella, Partner - Employment and Labour Lawyer

Belle Yuan was valuable in providing advice in how to present a position effectively, as well as perspectives on potential reaction from the union... her strategies and tactics have been helpful in cultivating trust, and maintaining open and positive communication through the negotiation process.

Thanks for your assistance throughout the process, which was very helpful in keeping the process civil or even positive…a much better experience than in the past.
Executive Director - Non-profit in Immigrant and Community Services

Belle Yuan has been an absolute pleasure to work with on this project! She is an expert at HR Policy Work and with the Compliance requirements in Canada. Yet, I always felt she was trying to accommodate WES' culture and our somewhat convoluted thinking and practices!

When we recently had an Inspector respond to a complaint from one of our employees, everything that the Inspector required from WES was already planned and defined by Belle in our Handbook! In many ways that is the perfect outcome!
Mike Lowe, Senior HR Director

Belle is a complete Pro! Belle’s calm, professional, straightforward manner is a welcome breath of fresh air. Belle was extremely insightful, as well as time efficient, direct with her advice which has helped us so much in managing HR and organizational strategy . Her independent counsel was highly beneficial and valued.
Executive VP, Public Relations

Very much appreciated Belle’s style: knowledgeable, supportive, soft-spoken but clear. Helped us get through this situation [workplace investigation] with clarity and directness...final report was thorough and clear.
We were very pleased with our experience.
Marie, Executive Director - Non-profit in Social Health Services

Having worked with Belle for over a year on a difficult employee issue, I can most definitely say that Belle is extremely professional, knowledgeable, precise and committed.

We had an employee issue where we had to prove to the Ministry of Labour that the long service employee had abandoned their job. This was a very difficult and lengthy procedure that would not have been successful without Belle.

Belle worked with me throughout the process...directing me expertly on how to proceed and drafted all documents to build our case. The result was exactly what we were looking for - a complete denial of the employee’s claim against us by the Ministry of Labour.

I would highly recommend Belle at Strategywise HR for any HR issues, and would not even consider going anywhere else!

George Hunak, President

Training / Workshops

“Engaging, relevant info and specific to needs of our company” - President, Health Services

“Excellent for the supervisors, they were well engaged” - Executive Director, Non-profit Childcare

“It was such a pleasure to meet and work with you [Belle]...your presentation was well researched, informative, interesting and practical. You are a gifted presenter.” - Errol Holmes, Senior Director Human Resources and Administration

“Excellent workshop, very beneficial to supervisors” - Director, Non-profit Childcare

“I have gained new insights on a lot of the information given in both parts of the workshops” - Assistant Supervisor, Non-profit

“The presentation was very informative and forward thinking. I totally enjoyed it.” - Michelle Berry-Mason, Director of Training