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Successful businesses that strive to attract and retain top talent as an “Employer of Choice”, know the importance of leveraging Human Resources best practices and legislative compliance to build brand and promote a productive and engaged workforce.

However, with rising legal obligations faced by employers today, this is not easy to achieve without specialized HR expertise to support your organization.

How We Can Help

At Strategywise HR, we are focused on helping progressive organizations in the Greater Toronto area (including Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga, Etobicoke and York Region) limit legal risk  through strategic thinking and the development of proactive Human Resources solutions that drive operational success.

Specialized in Employee / Labour Relations, our dedicated Human Resources Consultants will partner with you to help you navigate the complex issues that all workplaces face. 

The stakes are high and employers can no longer afford to take a laid back approach if they aspire to remain competitive in today’s marketplace and avoid costly mistakes.

Why Choose Us?

Our Services

Strategic and tactical advice you can count on that leverages in-depth knowledge of HR best practices, trends and employment laws.

Conduct objective fact-finding investigations and workplace assessments that gets to the root of issues and limits your employer risks. 

Review and develop customized and compliant HR policies and procedures that  best supports your workplace needs & culture.

Client Testimonials

Having worked with Belle for over a year on a difficult employee issue, I can most definitely say that Belle is extremely professional, knowledgeable, precise and committed. We had an employee issue where we had to prove to the Ministry of Labour that the long service employee had abandoned their job. This was a very difficult and lengthy procedure that would not have been successful without Belle. Belle worked with me throughout the process...directing me expertly on how to proceed and drafted all documents to build our case. The result was exactly what we were looking for - a complete denial of the employee’s claim against us by the Ministry of Labour. I would highly recommend Belle at Strategywise HR for any HR issues, and would not even consider going anywhere else!
George Hunak
My company came to Belle Yuan of StrategyWise HR with a massive undertaking: Align the US and Canadian Employee Handbooks and ensure compliance with all Canadian employment mandates and regulations. Our Canadian office just recently became an office of 50 employees, so the learning curve was quite steep. Belle led us through this process with patience, expertise and generosity. Her wealth of knowledge and practical suggestions astonished us. Belle was so organized and her follow-up was immediate. Her clarity and support anchored us in this project. She was simply awesome! At the end of this project, we are left in grateful awe for her and the comprehensive Employee Handbook she created for the Canadian office.
Jill Handy
Director of Human Resources

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